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Thursday, October 10, 2013

More About Dinnertime

AYLA:  After reading some of the comments from yesserday and thinking about some of our mealtime habits, I thought I might explain more fully.  TBT says that we 3 are a bit more unusual in our food habits than the cats-who-came-before.

So here is more detail...  TBT (rather randomly during the day) decides to feed us.  That's cuz our feeding day begins when he gets up, and that can be annywhere from early morning to afternoon.  He keeps odd hours.  We get fed 4 times before he goes to bed again, 1/3 of a can for each of us each time.  I can't eat much more than that at a time, Iza will throw up if she eats much more than that at a time, and Marley mostly wants to go outside after eating that much.  Iza will search for anny leftovers and lick the bowls clean.  But since she is fat (and waddles when she walks around), TBT isnt worries about her being underfed.

Plus we get tossed kibbles at TBTs own dinnertime.  That adds up to 1 can each per day and 1/3 cup of kibbles.

Now, when TBT opens a can of food (and we get stinky goodness we love), we all come running.  It isnt the noise of a can being opened, we show up just as fast is TBT is taking the soft rubber cover off a leftover can.  We smell it.

We get weerd when we are in the kitchen.  TBT dint get a recent picture of this, but Iza an I wrassle while TBT is spooning the food into our little plastic bowls.  Agressively.  I bunny-kick her fiercely an she drops on me with all her weight.  TBT used to worry about this a bit, but then realized that we are both completely quiet doing this.  Unlike when Iza attacks me for dominance points at other times and I scream like a bear-maced banshee, and TBT comes running over to see what is going on.  So he has concluded this is some of ritual between us being ecited by food.  Im not gonna esplain ta him that IFFEN I ever win the wrassling, I get to eat in the kitchen undisturbed.

But I never win (Iza outweighes me 12.5 pounds to 7 and there IS a size difference where fierceness and valor DOESNT win, so I have trained TBT do bring MY meals to the bedroom so I can eat in peace.  I got the idea reading of some of you who got special eating places.

I started getting my special place up high on the shoe rack.  And I like to eat "some" then come back later for more.  But Marley sniffed out my secret place and learned to jump up that high.  Don't blame Marley too much.  He is patient an not pushin his nose in.  He doesn't push into other cats bowls when they are there.  But he argues that anny abandoned food is available to all.  Even TBT decided that, Ifen I was hungry I would eat all of it (because I can and do most times).

But to get down off the show rack, ya gotta land on the waterbed, and TBT got tired of Marley landing on the waterbed in the middle of the night like a 13 pound cinder block.  So he started feeding me on the bedroom floor and closing the door so I could eat in peace.  But I became unhappy with that.  I LIKE eating up high, but also in a few different times and he dint wanna keep me closed in the bedroom fer an hour.

Well, the OTHER high place I like ta be is the bedroom bathroom windersill.  It is sure that Iza cant get up there, but Marley cant either.  He can JUMP that high, but he cant jump AND turn to land on the narrow windersill like I can.  So for now, thats where I usually eat.  And I can nibble there on and off all night.  Things are good.

It seems strange to TBT.  I run into the kitchen when he opens a food can, Iza and I "fight", he puts down 3 bowls of food, I sniff mine and then run into the bedroom bathroom where I sit on the sink counter until he puts my bowl of food on the end of the windersill an THEN I jump up...

And as he walks out of the bedroom, he shakes his head and says "so this is the routine for the next 10-15 years...  *sigh*"

Nah!  We'll change something completely soon enough.  Can't let TBT think he knows what we are gonna do NEXT year!