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Friday, October 11, 2013

Supercat Wannabe

IZA:   We watched a movie about a guy who could create things by using "green light".  I decided ta give it a try.  I sat high up in the green room, tuned my lasers to the most green I could an tried to create a few mousies on the floor. 

That dint werk, so I tried birdies.  No luck on that either, so I tried a bowl of fresh cooked chick-hen.  Zip, nada, nutthin...
I decided not ta tell Ayla or Marley about the idea, though.  Ya know, just in case Ayla COULD make the green light thing werk...  She'd put me inna PTU fer sure.  And since Marley has naturally bright green lazers, it might werk fer him.  He's not mean, but he would use anny powers to make sure he got TBTs lap alla time an I wouldnt like that much at ALL! 

So mebbe I just better try ta make sure TBT doesnt watch that 'Green Lantern' movie again just ta be safe...