Saturday, October 12, 2013

Natural Balance Rabbit Formula Treat Review

AYLA:   We just learned about these great new treats provided as a test sample from  Well, they are new to US, because TBT admitted they had arrived in JUNE but he "set them aside fer later" an kinna forgot about them.  We've seen where he puts stuff "fer later", so we can unnderstand they got a bit lost.

But he found them and brought them out last night.  Found "what" you ask?  Well, THESE!
RABBIT TREATS!  No, not treats fer rabbits (an in fact you rabbits out there may want to stop reading).  Are all the rabbits gone now?  OK...

These are rabbit FLAVOR treats fer cats (though we are sure other predators will like them too)!

TBT surprised us with them at dinnertime.  His dinner, not ours.  Ya see, when HE eats, he tosses kibbles around the room, and we chase and eat them.  We're not starving, we just enjoy a chase with a tasty reward at the end. 

Well, then he snuck a few of THESE things into the kibble toss.  We each caught one and THAT perked up our taste buds!  Usually, we just sit around waiting fer more kibbles ta be tossed, but THIS time we were all right at his feet staring at his hands intensely waiting fer MORE.  And we got more.  We chased THOSE treats with more enthusiasm than the kibbles fer SURE! 

So we recommend these Natural Balance Rabbit flavor treats.  And you all know us, iffen we didnt like them, we would say so!

And, BTW, if you are a rabbit and read this far and try these treats and LIKE them?  We wont tell yer friends.  As far as WE are concerned, what happens in the hutch stays in the hutch...

And did we like it?
 We were all over them later.
The competition was fierce.
Even *I* fought fer my share...
And we were all disappointed when TBT closed the pouch for "tomorrow".  But at least there will be "tomorrow".

5 PM UPDATE: "Tomorrow" came sooner than we thought, cuz guess WHO fergot to put these great treats away carefully last night?  We found the bag.  It wasnt easy ta open, cuz it has one of those evil resealable tops, but we CHEWED our way into it.
And we dint leave a CRUMB in it...  Really.  TBT felt all around inside the pouch an there wasn't the least bite in there.