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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Bookshelf Mystery

MARLEY: Yesserday, after I went through the cat tree hut, I spied something new on the bookshelf.  I hafta jump up funny cuz theres not much room for me.  It was all these bright bloo plastic things.
Ive seen them up on the kitchen counter, so I thought there might be foods in them, but there werent.  They were completely empty!
 TBT told me hes been collecting them (they held mushrooms).  He is gonna sort out all our toys and bring out a different bin each week so we have a different type of toy each time.  Actually, Im not all that thrilled cuz the only toys *I* like are the ones TBT makes move around.
Sorry it wasnt somethin more eciting like a real mouse or birdie...