Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Weerd Wensday

MARLEY:  We are tryin out something new.  There is stuff we have been wanting ta post but dint know when, so *I* thought up THIS idea.  Its going to be stuff that doesn't fit our regular "day of" themes.

Today we will start with whiskers.  Ya see, TBT collects our fallen-out whiskers (when he can find them).  Its not like he has all of them.  We lose some outside, some get captured by the sucky machine, etc.  But what he can find, he keeps.

We arent sure why he does, but we think it is sweet of him to to it.

So this is the glass bottle TBT found to keep our old whiskers in.
You can see there are a lot of whiskers in there.  But here are pictures of them spilled out and spread a bit.
There are a couple at the top here and on the right below we aren't sure of.  Well, sometimes he's not wearing his reading glasses so they look like our whiskers but arent.  Can you see the "wrong" ones?
He will get those removed next time he spills them all out.