Thursday, October 17, 2013

Garden Tour Thursday

Its a bit dreary today, and some of the garden is closing done fer the year, so Im gonna go with the mood and show ya them.  Dont worry, we'll end the tour today with some cheery plants...

This is how much rain we got last week.  I made TBT promise ta leave it in until I could show ya.
But in spite of all that rain, some plants have decided ta start ta go back unnerground fer the year.  My favrit hosta, fer example...
This fern is turning yellowish, so it wont be around much longer.  The ones behind it stay green all year though.
The Hydrangea flowers are turnin all brown now.

The trees are droppin all their leafs...
But the orinj Zinnia flowers are still nice (and I see that a couple of red Salvia snuck in there an bloomed recently).  BTW, feel free ta sample the Nip plant growing at the front.
 The Sedum plants are at their best right now too.  They may stay like that another whole moon.
Now lets have some snacks!  The ground is not all that wet, but its a bit damp ta lay on, so lets go up on the deck.  We have 2 kinds of treats (a crunchy an a soft), some spoonfuls of Wellness Turkey on Nip leafs, an Nip Smoothies.

Thanks fer comin to my garden tour this week!