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Monday, October 21, 2013



A number of ya asked how I did the vanishing trick Friday.  Im shocked, an figure ya all are just kidding me ta be polite.  I dint teleport, the photo shows a leaf I turned over as I kept runnin.  I merely went invisible fer a minnit. 

We all do it of course. You know what I mean.  Yer Bein hears ya meow in another room an goes ta see iffen something is wrong.  Not seein ya there, she goes back ta where she was only ta find ya sitting in her chair asleep.  Or yer Bein sees ya outside the glass door but decides ta go do somethin else first and then sees you inside the house*.  Or he sees ya all cute asleep on the bed and goes ta get the flashy box only ta see ya THERE next ta the flashy box.  They just dint SEE ya go past them when they opened the door or looked in a room.  TELL me ya havent done that kinna thing...

Dont get worried that I was gonna reveal anny of our feline secrets.  I just mentioned I DID it, not HOW.  TBT KNOWS we all do it, but its still a mystery ta him.

*  A big moon ago, I was sitting at the deck door ta come in, and TBT saw me in the bedroom just a few minnits later.  An later, he saw Marley inside then outside.  So he actally went all around the house looking to see iffen there was a hole in the walls somewhere.  No really, he did.