Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Weerd Wensday

IZA:   My Weerd Wensday offerrin is my collection of dedded toy mousies.  To get into that box, they have to have they skins pulled off or their insides pulled out.  They have to be pretty much unusable.

Dedding toy mousies is an art that not all of us have.  Ayla and Marley cant (or never) do it.  Only I do that here.

I'm looking them over very carefully to see iffen ANNY are still werking.  Sadly, no.  Each an evry one of them has special memories.  Each has an individual smell I remember on their last day on the floor.
TBT looked them over kinna carefully too.  He originally thought some could be "repaired", but then he decided that just was not a good idea.  What's gone is gone.
And he says the recorded successes of my toy mousie destructiveness is better than repairs of dubious success.

I agree!  The saved box of my dedded toy mousies is a matter of pride, and I would not want to see anny of them come back to life again.  Once THAT dedded they should STAY dedded!