Friday, October 25, 2013

A Wisely Reconsidered Pounce

MARLEY:  I was peacefully half-dozing (notice the closed eyes) in the computer room when Iza crept in an hid on the other side of the box.
My proximity detectors went off and I fully awoke.   Without having to look, I knew it was Iza lookin fer a pounce opportunity.   Silly girlcat, she should have pounced BEFORE I was fully alert.
And I could FEEL her looking at the distance across the box.  She was deciding when and how far to pounce...
She should know better.  While we weigh about the same, MY weight is not from having a tummy that nearly drags on the ground!  But it was a slight dilemma.  If I stayed where I was, she was likely ta drop her 12 pounds on me.  If I got up and walked to the door, she would whap a back paw to try and trip me (a favorite manuver of hers)*

We sat there like that long enough fer TBT ta put the camera aside, then I stood up on the box and glared at her (asking whether she wanted me to bite her ears OR her toes OR both) until she backed away.  I say that real mancats dont HAVE to get all muscley with their sisfurs to avoid getting pounced!**  Advice can suffice.  Alls well that ends well, etc.

*  Iza is convinced she is a lioness and all other animals in the world (including TBT - she likes ta whap his ankles as he walks past her in the hallway) are gazelles to be tripped down and pounced.

**  That doesnt mean we dont sometimes wrassle a bit.  She IS closer to my size than Ayla, so a tussle with Iza can be nice.  I take the inferior position to make it more even.  But I didn't feel like it right then...