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Saturday, October 26, 2013

A Few Things We Dont Like

1.  Strangers in the house - Strange Beins came into the house again a few days ago.  We all ran into the bedroom.  TBT doesnt even have ta close the door cuz we arent comin out on our own while they are here. 

TBT said they were here to hang a lamp, but they sure made a lot of noise about it.  We saw after that it was a NICE lamp.
But we're not sure all the noise was worth it!

TBT:  There was more work involved, but thats about the only visible part.  Details HERE.  But it WAS rather noisy at times.

2.  Cat Screams - Of COURSE we react when we hear a cat scream.  But there is something that comes on the TV (TBT:  A specific commercial that has a cat climbing the drapes) and it gets us all poofed everytime.  We hate that.

3.  Doorbells - We know what the doorbell means.  STRANGERS!  We all go running to the top of the stairs and growl fiercely and loudly at the door.  In SPITE of that, TBT usually opens the door annyway. And we hear it often, but TBT DOESNT always go to the door, which is confoosing (TBT:  another specific commercial, usually).

4.  Seeing strange Beins out the front windows - When we see Beins outside, we growl at them too.  After all, they MIGHT come and ring our doorbell!