Thursday, October 31, 2013


TBT here:  Thanks to Ann at Zooltry, we got FABULOUS pictures for our Howl-O-Ween post.  Ann, those are the best Howl-O-Ween pictures ever.  I don't know how you do that, but I sure appreciate it.

We were gonna try ta line up Iza's skinned toy mouses as Zombie Mousies to make it scarey, but that dint werk out too well; our camera just doesnt like close-ups.  And quite frankly, these are better pictures.  And easier to use, LOL!  ;)

So here we go...

Iza went fer the pumpkin spice latte (she is always the first in the house into the "new thing") without all the carving.  She always goes for the easy pleasures...  Ayla and Marley might be willing to go into the pumpkin goop, but Iza isn't that paws-in kind of girlcat!
Marley did get a pumpkin carved with his own sense of silliness, but he passed out from the effort....  OK, he's a bit of a drama king.  He wasn't really THAT tired, but he took advantage of all that orange around him to show off his non-orange parts here.  I can't blame him.  With that orange mat and the even orangier pumpkin, his ginger furs couldn't compete.  So he showed off his best whiteness.
Ayla went all traditional but also got utterly worn out in the effort.  She was pickin out bits of pumpkin from her claws fer an hour before she took her nap!  But she EARNED her nap.  I think that is the best pumpkin of the three.  Notice the complicated teeth and straight lines on the eyes and nose!  She really had to work at that.

Happy Howl-O-Ween to all!

Freaky Friday

This is where Ayla was sleeping.

This is where Ayla was sleeping before TBT annoyed her with the flashy box.  She jumped up when I turned the camera on.  But it is still where she WAS.
This is where Ayla Isn't anymore.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Weerd Wensday

MARLEY:  Months ago, TBT got some playing cards with Iza and Ayla on them.  I dont mind, I dint have a really good picture ta use.  And, of course, I wanna keep peace in the fambly, so this wasnt a play to argue with Ayla an Iza.

But I gotta admit the cards were GREAT!  Here are Iza's cards.  Given her emotional tendancys, she must be Hearts.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tummy Tuesday

IZA: My favrit spot...
My favrit pose...
An when someone walks by...
I'll whap them, dont you nows...

Monday, October 28, 2013

Mancat Monday

MARLEY:    With added Ayla...

Ayla doesnt go outside all that often anymore.  But when she does, I like to  chase her.  Its OK, I know she is just going to the top of the fence and I dont actally try to CATCH her.  Its just that she is a bit small, and I cant help feeling like I should chase small things when outside.

Um, that isnt making me look too good here, is it?

OK, let me put this another way.  When Ayla DOES go out these days, she makes a beeline fer the top of the fence whether anyone chases her or not.  Thats just where she likes to sit.  She may not climb the trees annymore, but she still likes high places.  An iffen the top of the fence is now her "high place" thats fine with me too.

Cuz I can join her there...
BTW, iffen Ayla looks in an odd position, thats cuz she has this odd habit of sittin with her back legs up high on somethin and the rest of her lower.  She does the same thing on TBT at night.

Annyway, I was keepin her company on the top of the fence and she sad she dint mind.  So there we are.

Sorry it wasnt a great picture, but TBT was about a mile away an using the maximum zoomie, and at evening.

AYLA:  I am seriously annoyed that Marley can get up on the top of the fence, but at least its not Iza.  Marley is a good brofur.  We talked about TBT together in front of his back.  We both chuckled.

But Id still rather be up here by myself...    I MAY have to start lookin at climbin those big trees again.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

What We Need!

Liquid Nip!  So that it could be injected into our favrit nip toys what have lost their appeal over time.

An TBT has an IDEA!  He has this big injector thing designed fer putting flavors into meats.  What IF he pulverized a bunch of Nip leafs an used the injector on our favrit toys?

Well, he will try it and we will let you know iffen it werks...

Saturday, October 26, 2013

A Few Things We Dont Like

1.  Strangers in the house - Strange Beins came into the house again a few days ago.  We all ran into the bedroom.  TBT doesnt even have ta close the door cuz we arent comin out on our own while they are here. 

TBT said they were here to hang a lamp, but they sure made a lot of noise about it.  We saw after that it was a NICE lamp.
But we're not sure all the noise was worth it!

TBT:  There was more work involved, but thats about the only visible part.  Details HERE.  But it WAS rather noisy at times.

2.  Cat Screams - Of COURSE we react when we hear a cat scream.  But there is something that comes on the TV (TBT:  A specific commercial that has a cat climbing the drapes) and it gets us all poofed everytime.  We hate that.

3.  Doorbells - We know what the doorbell means.  STRANGERS!  We all go running to the top of the stairs and growl fiercely and loudly at the door.  In SPITE of that, TBT usually opens the door annyway. And we hear it often, but TBT DOESNT always go to the door, which is confoosing (TBT:  another specific commercial, usually).

4.  Seeing strange Beins out the front windows - When we see Beins outside, we growl at them too.  After all, they MIGHT come and ring our doorbell!

Friday, October 25, 2013

A Wisely Reconsidered Pounce

MARLEY:  I was peacefully half-dozing (notice the closed eyes) in the computer room when Iza crept in an hid on the other side of the box.
My proximity detectors went off and I fully awoke.   Without having to look, I knew it was Iza lookin fer a pounce opportunity.   Silly girlcat, she should have pounced BEFORE I was fully alert.
And I could FEEL her looking at the distance across the box.  She was deciding when and how far to pounce...
She should know better.  While we weigh about the same, MY weight is not from having a tummy that nearly drags on the ground!  But it was a slight dilemma.  If I stayed where I was, she was likely ta drop her 12 pounds on me.  If I got up and walked to the door, she would whap a back paw to try and trip me (a favorite manuver of hers)*

We sat there like that long enough fer TBT ta put the camera aside, then I stood up on the box and glared at her (asking whether she wanted me to bite her ears OR her toes OR both) until she backed away.  I say that real mancats dont HAVE to get all muscley with their sisfurs to avoid getting pounced!**  Advice can suffice.  Alls well that ends well, etc.

*  Iza is convinced she is a lioness and all other animals in the world (including TBT - she likes ta whap his ankles as he walks past her in the hallway) are gazelles to be tripped down and pounced.

**  That doesnt mean we dont sometimes wrassle a bit.  She IS closer to my size than Ayla, so a tussle with Iza can be nice.  I take the inferior position to make it more even.  But I didn't feel like it right then...

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Guard Duty

AYLA:  Iza goes wild on the Ess, but I like it too.  I think it makes a good look-out place.
You see the dedded fevver toy?
Its my kill and Im guarding it!
Ya see, there is a certain plump scavenger who likes ta steal other kittys' prey.
So im lookin back an forth to make sure she doesnt get it.        
But it is getting a bit boring...
Im thinkin a nap sounds good too.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Weerd Wensday

IZA:   My Weerd Wensday offerrin is my collection of dedded toy mousies.  To get into that box, they have to have they skins pulled off or their insides pulled out.  They have to be pretty much unusable.

Dedding toy mousies is an art that not all of us have.  Ayla and Marley cant (or never) do it.  Only I do that here.

I'm looking them over very carefully to see iffen ANNY are still werking.  Sadly, no.  Each an evry one of them has special memories.  Each has an individual smell I remember on their last day on the floor.
TBT looked them over kinna carefully too.  He originally thought some could be "repaired", but then he decided that just was not a good idea.  What's gone is gone.
And he says the recorded successes of my toy mousie destructiveness is better than repairs of dubious success.

I agree!  The saved box of my dedded toy mousies is a matter of pride, and I would not want to see anny of them come back to life again.  Once THAT dedded they should STAY dedded!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tummy Tuesday

With Tongue and Toesies Too!

Its two 2 fer 1 pictures...  This one is focused on Iza with a background of Marley.
And this one is focused on Marley with a side of Iza.

Monday, October 21, 2013



A number of ya asked how I did the vanishing trick Friday.  Im shocked, an figure ya all are just kidding me ta be polite.  I dint teleport, the photo shows a leaf I turned over as I kept runnin.  I merely went invisible fer a minnit. 

We all do it of course. You know what I mean.  Yer Bein hears ya meow in another room an goes ta see iffen something is wrong.  Not seein ya there, she goes back ta where she was only ta find ya sitting in her chair asleep.  Or yer Bein sees ya outside the glass door but decides ta go do somethin else first and then sees you inside the house*.  Or he sees ya all cute asleep on the bed and goes ta get the flashy box only ta see ya THERE next ta the flashy box.  They just dint SEE ya go past them when they opened the door or looked in a room.  TELL me ya havent done that kinna thing...

Dont get worried that I was gonna reveal anny of our feline secrets.  I just mentioned I DID it, not HOW.  TBT KNOWS we all do it, but its still a mystery ta him.

*  A big moon ago, I was sitting at the deck door ta come in, and TBT saw me in the bedroom just a few minnits later.  An later, he saw Marley inside then outside.  So he actally went all around the house looking to see iffen there was a hole in the walls somewhere.  No really, he did.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Easy Like Sunday

IZA: I decided ta spend my Easy Sunday lookin fer mousies outside today.  TBT says its gonna get chilly soon, and I dont like that very much.
There is usally a new hole or 2 near this tree root.  But mostly, its a nice spot ta stand around at.  Cuz I can also lissen fer mousies in the vines behind me.
BTW, that inside mousie yesserday DID finally twitch an I pounced it good!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Good Me Hunting

IZA:  Im gonna GET you mousie.  The first twitch an yer MINE!
I DARE ya ta twitch!  I will be on ya inna split cat second.  Haha, just twitch.  Im waitin!
Please twitch...

p   l   e   a   s   e . . .

Friday, October 18, 2013

Freaky Friday

IZA: Since its October, I needed to practice my spookiness skills before Halloween.  So when TBT called me, I came runnin from the far back yard...
and *POOF* I vanished!
When he turned around a second later, I was up on the deck, unvanished, washing my paws.

BTW, iffen ya look carefully, ya will see I carelessly kicked over one leaf, so I gotta practice more.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Garden Tour Thursday

Its a bit dreary today, and some of the garden is closing done fer the year, so Im gonna go with the mood and show ya them.  Dont worry, we'll end the tour today with some cheery plants...

This is how much rain we got last week.  I made TBT promise ta leave it in until I could show ya.
But in spite of all that rain, some plants have decided ta start ta go back unnerground fer the year.  My favrit hosta, fer example...
This fern is turning yellowish, so it wont be around much longer.  The ones behind it stay green all year though.
The Hydrangea flowers are turnin all brown now.

The trees are droppin all their leafs...
But the orinj Zinnia flowers are still nice (and I see that a couple of red Salvia snuck in there an bloomed recently).  BTW, feel free ta sample the Nip plant growing at the front.
 The Sedum plants are at their best right now too.  They may stay like that another whole moon.
Now lets have some snacks!  The ground is not all that wet, but its a bit damp ta lay on, so lets go up on the deck.  We have 2 kinds of treats (a crunchy an a soft), some spoonfuls of Wellness Turkey on Nip leafs, an Nip Smoothies.

Thanks fer comin to my garden tour this week!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Weerd Wensday

MARLEY:  We are tryin out something new.  There is stuff we have been wanting ta post but dint know when, so *I* thought up THIS idea.  Its going to be stuff that doesn't fit our regular "day of" themes.

Today we will start with whiskers.  Ya see, TBT collects our fallen-out whiskers (when he can find them).  Its not like he has all of them.  We lose some outside, some get captured by the sucky machine, etc.  But what he can find, he keeps.

We arent sure why he does, but we think it is sweet of him to to it.

So this is the glass bottle TBT found to keep our old whiskers in.
You can see there are a lot of whiskers in there.  But here are pictures of them spilled out and spread a bit.
There are a couple at the top here and on the right below we aren't sure of.  Well, sometimes he's not wearing his reading glasses so they look like our whiskers but arent.  Can you see the "wrong" ones?
He will get those removed next time he spills them all out.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Bookshelf Mystery

MARLEY: Yesserday, after I went through the cat tree hut, I spied something new on the bookshelf.  I hafta jump up funny cuz theres not much room for me.  It was all these bright bloo plastic things.
Ive seen them up on the kitchen counter, so I thought there might be foods in them, but there werent.  They were completely empty!
 TBT told me hes been collecting them (they held mushrooms).  He is gonna sort out all our toys and bring out a different bin each week so we have a different type of toy each time.  Actually, Im not all that thrilled cuz the only toys *I* like are the ones TBT makes move around.
Sorry it wasnt somethin more eciting like a real mouse or birdie...

Monday, October 14, 2013

Mancat Monday

MARLEY:  I like to nap in the little huts in the cat trees.  But Im not nappin today (well, not right NOW annyway).  Ive got my eye on something!
More about THAT tomorrow...

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Easy Like Sunday

Today, it is US together on the bed.  In spite of momentary fusses, we all get along pretty well.  Iffen one of us is a bit hissed at another fer a day, it doesnt really last.

So today it is US taking it EASY together.

Yeah, OK, that IS most common,  US together like that, but this was a very USUAL Sunday, so it fits.  And dont worry about Iza.  She is out in the TV room nappin on TBTs lap, so she is havin a good Easy too.

Hoping you all have a great Easy Like Sunday...