Monday, October 28, 2013

Mancat Monday

MARLEY:    With added Ayla...

Ayla doesnt go outside all that often anymore.  But when she does, I like to  chase her.  Its OK, I know she is just going to the top of the fence and I dont actally try to CATCH her.  Its just that she is a bit small, and I cant help feeling like I should chase small things when outside.

Um, that isnt making me look too good here, is it?

OK, let me put this another way.  When Ayla DOES go out these days, she makes a beeline fer the top of the fence whether anyone chases her or not.  Thats just where she likes to sit.  She may not climb the trees annymore, but she still likes high places.  An iffen the top of the fence is now her "high place" thats fine with me too.

Cuz I can join her there...
BTW, iffen Ayla looks in an odd position, thats cuz she has this odd habit of sittin with her back legs up high on somethin and the rest of her lower.  She does the same thing on TBT at night.

Annyway, I was keepin her company on the top of the fence and she sad she dint mind.  So there we are.

Sorry it wasnt a great picture, but TBT was about a mile away an using the maximum zoomie, and at evening.

AYLA:  I am seriously annoyed that Marley can get up on the top of the fence, but at least its not Iza.  Marley is a good brofur.  We talked about TBT together in front of his back.  We both chuckled.

But Id still rather be up here by myself...    I MAY have to start lookin at climbin those big trees again.