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Thursday, October 31, 2013


TBT here:  Thanks to Ann at Zooltry, we got FABULOUS pictures for our Howl-O-Ween post.  Ann, those are the best Howl-O-Ween pictures ever.  I don't know how you do that, but I sure appreciate it.

We were gonna try ta line up Iza's skinned toy mouses as Zombie Mousies to make it scarey, but that dint werk out too well; our camera just doesnt like close-ups.  And quite frankly, these are better pictures.  And easier to use, LOL!  ;)

So here we go...

Iza went fer the pumpkin spice latte (she is always the first in the house into the "new thing") without all the carving.  She always goes for the easy pleasures...  Ayla and Marley might be willing to go into the pumpkin goop, but Iza isn't that paws-in kind of girlcat!
Marley did get a pumpkin carved with his own sense of silliness, but he passed out from the effort....  OK, he's a bit of a drama king.  He wasn't really THAT tired, but he took advantage of all that orange around him to show off his non-orange parts here.  I can't blame him.  With that orange mat and the even orangier pumpkin, his ginger furs couldn't compete.  So he showed off his best whiteness.
Ayla went all traditional but also got utterly worn out in the effort.  She was pickin out bits of pumpkin from her claws fer an hour before she took her nap!  But she EARNED her nap.  I think that is the best pumpkin of the three.  Notice the complicated teeth and straight lines on the eyes and nose!  She really had to work at that.

Happy Howl-O-Ween to all!

Freaky Friday

This is where Ayla was sleeping.

This is where Ayla was sleeping before TBT annoyed her with the flashy box.  She jumped up when I turned the camera on.  But it is still where she WAS.
This is where Ayla Isn't anymore.