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Monday, November 18, 2013

Planning A Party!

We have been watching our blog stats and we are closing in on our 2,500th post!  We are 7 posts away (not counting this one)...

Since we usually post each day, that would make the milestone post on Sunday November 24th.  TBT says we can have a party and a give-away or two!  In fact, TBT says he will make sure we hit the 2,500th post even iffen he has to cheat a bit (not that we expect he will have to).

We will have all the good foods, boxes and bags, toys, and games.  And TBT says he will set up a ladder in the living room as something differnt!

We are all ecited about this.  An TBT says that when the cats-who-came-before (Skeeter and LC) started blogging, he couldn't imagine what they could say in 100 posts never mind 500.  Parts of the celebration day post will be "the early days", but most will be just having a happy time with all of our friends visiting to enjoy the day with us.

More details as the day approaches.

From all of US to all of YOU...