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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving Day


We are always thankful fer all the good things we have in life.  We don't do "Thankful Thursdays" often, but this IS a special Thursday.

We are thankful for food, shelter, love, and attention, of course!  But we want to be more specific...

1.  We are thankful for life; ours and everything's.  We love ours, but would it mean annything if we were alone in it?  "Living" would mean little without all the world's creatures to share it with.

2.  Food is great.  We would eat even iffen we dint NEED to ta survive.  Tastes, textures, smells, appearance; it all matters.

3.  Shelter is special.  We know there are so many who dont have much of it.  The ages may have adapted most creatures to survive outdoors, but surviving and true comfort are very different things.  We are so VERY thankful for our house with the warmth and coolth at the right times of year, and staying dry in rainy weather.  We know that almost EVRYCRITTER doesnt have that.  The wild critters, naturally, but also our homeless/feral brofurs an sisfurs.  We watch nature shows on the TV an see rain-soaked, panting, or freezing "others" just looking miserable.  We might find some friends, catch enough food outdoors, but there is not much that can replace "shelter".

4.  Love and attention are grand!  We have plenty of both.  We get them from each other and The Big Thing here, from our blogging friends all over the world, and from TV shows that tell us that cats are loved in almost all places.

Those are the Big Four.  But there are other smaller ones...

A.  There are Beins that make the toys we love; those things keep our days eciting.  And the workouts are good fer us.

B.  There are Special Sleeping Spots.  Each of us here have their own purrsonal ones, plus there are group places we love.

C.  We are thankful for the good quality cat-food companies.  Our generation of cats is healthier than some who came before.  Plus, who among us would every have tasted a toona or deer or turkey without them.

D.  We are SO thankful fer kitty litter!  TBT tells us sometimes about the old days when ya either got left outside ta "do yer business" (rain or cold) or ya dealt with clay inside that basically stayed wet.  Gives us the willies!

E.  We thank the Beins fer the Innernets!  We would feel almost "the only ones"  without it.

F.  We are thankful fer Real Mice"!  Tasty and Fun!  Enough said...

G.  We are thankful for The-Cats-Who-Came-Before.  Skeeter and LC taught Ayla how to hunt, LC and Ayla taught Iza, Ayla and Iza taught Marley.  Tinkerbelle taught Skeeter and LC; somekitty taught Tinkerbelle.  It is a tradition going back to First Cat.  And SHE probly learned it watching "Nearly Cat".

May you all have a wunnerful day of thanks here in the US, and cats all over the world have it on yer own Day of Thanks...