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Thursday, December 05, 2013

My Clothy-Mousie

AYLA:  After reading comments about my clothy-mouse yesserday,  I thought mebbe I should talk about it more.  Its nothing but some cloth.  In fact, it is SO old, TBT doesnt even remember who it first belonged to; probly Skeeter when he was young, but possibly even Tinkerbelle, which makes it about 20 years old or a bit more.
Clothy-mouse was almost certainly stuffed with Nip originally, but there is none of that left.  And its not really even as thick as it looks here; TBT had ta actally fluff it up a bit ta get it ta stand up fer the picture.
He THINKS it originally had little pink ears, a longer yarn tail (well, DUH -there are still shreds of THAT), black yarn whiskers, and (very mebbe) pink feet.  Whatever, I adore it!!!  I carry it all around the house (mostly in early morning while TBT is trying ta sleep) and I merf loudly while I do.  TBT can always tell I am "carrying mousie".  He usually smiles hearing me doing that, but after a while  he calls ta me ta tell me ta stop fer a while and come fer scritches.
We are currently trying ta decide whether or not to "fix" clothy-mousie.  He says his poor sewing skills WOULD allow him to open clothy-mousie at the back, stuff in dried nip, add a new tail, and (mebbe) add new ears.

I'm not sure.  MEBBE it would be better afterwards, but mebbe not.  And this is the ONLY mousie I like.  It would be risky.  I might not like it then, and Iza might like it MORE.

What do YOU think?  Should I ask TBT to "fix" clothy-mousie?