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Friday, December 06, 2013

Egg Carton Fun

IZA: I have a natural destructive streak (more than the usual cat).  When I was young(er), TBT dropped a half egg-carton on the floor and discovered that I immediately tore it to SHREDS.  I just play with them mostly these days, but I still rip them up pretty well.  So far, I havent lost anny tooths.
I LOVE bunny-kicking them.
Chewing wildly is also great!
But, ya know, I would like ta find a REAL LIVE egg carton ta kill someday.  TBT tells me they only live wild at chicken farms, and he doesnt know where anny of THOSE are...
So I can only rip up the dead ones...

BTW, the votes are in.  TBT wont mess with Ayla's clothie-mousie; though he WILL try to re-stuff some other toys with new Nip...  Ayla is relieved; she like her old clothy-mousie JUST as it is.   Purrsonally, Marley and I find it not worth messing with as it is...  ~ Iza