Sunday, December 08, 2013

Not So Easy Like Sunday

IZA:  HE TRICKED ME!  An even worse, Ayla an Marley KNEW an dint EXPLAIN it to me!!!

OK, TBT said he was gonna be gone most of today.  But since he never does that, I DINT quite unnerstand that meant he wouldnt be here ta provide a lap...  Ayla laffed at me ALL DAY LONG after I realized what he meant.  Marley laffed at first too, but then assured me he would be back.  And I dint get fed from 10:30 AM to 5:00 PM.  Thats, um, more than a pawful of toesies of hours!

Ayla wisely spended the day up on the shoe rack, cuz by mid-afternoon, I was eyeing her barely-meaty haunches with serious intent.  I was THAT hungry...

Apparently, he went off galavantin with some cat-Moms.  OK, they were the moms of cats we know, so I spose that wasnt TOO bad, an its not like he came home smelling of OTHER cats, but Im still upset.  And he did bring back some stuff.

MARLEY:  I dint really mean ta laff at Iza when she suddenly realized that "TBT gone" meant "no TBT lap" around mid-sun.  Now, I love both my sisfurs, but Iza can be a bit dim sometimes.  Its like she thinks TBT and his lap are 2 separate things.  AND she skipped a meal, which is always a problem fer her.  So I stayed nearby an batted some rattley-mousies at her which DID distract her for a while.  I also spent some time on the bed makin sure that Iza dint try ta chew on Aylas haunches.  I dint get much rest today, but sometimes mancats have to do those kinna things!

AYLA:  I wasnt worried about Iza.  She'd be the last ta starve around here!  I bet she could live off her "plumpness" fer a whole Big Moon, I bet.  What had ME worried (an I TOLD TBT before he left), there MIGHT be prezzies because they are "moms" (he told ME a where he was going yesserday - we talk a lot).  I said "bring some prezzies, and LEAST fresh Nip leafs and some chocolates".  But did he LISTEN ta me?  NOOOO...  Bet he does NEXT time.  He said "its just lunch" and went on his merry way.  I just shake my head sometimes.  Well, Im a PRINCESS, an just autocatically KNOW stuff like that.  Iza doesnt (thinks only of her tummy and warmth), Marley doesnt (another "guy").  He feels a bit dumb, but it IS right is character for him.  I try, but ya can only do SO much fer some old guybeins, ya know?

But we do have a few pictures of some of the stuff the GREAT moms gave him ta bring ta us.  Iza (naturally) found them first.  TBT had opened his tote bag ta get his keys and stuff out and went to feed us.  In JUST that short time, Iza had dragged out a really fancy bag what had treats in it and was chewing on the bag.  And apparently she found a new fevver-butt rattley-mouse! An I gotta say that she sure played fetch with that new mousie!  Kept carrying it back ta TBT all his dinner-time.  And fer all *I* know, she still is...

TBT took the treats away into the frigerator, and made dinner (tenderloin steak smothered in awful onions, and "other stuff" in side bowls , then sat an watched TV (science shows all night).  Meanwhile, Iza kept bringing TBT the new rattley-mouse ta toss agai (she does "fetch"), ab Markley was bunny-kicking a Xmas sock.

*I* got TBTs lap this time.  Im puttin the pictures at the end this time.  Seems like the best place, since they were only involved at the end.  This was sposed ta be about OUR day, after all.

For TBTs view of the day, go HERE.