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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Easy Like Sunday

But differnt!  We all gathered around the toy chest very early this morning (but not fer the toys).
We were bug-hunting!!!
 TBT never could find it, but it was obvious ta him there was SOMETHING there.
But we lost track of it too.  It just vanished an we couldnt even SNIFF it out.  TBT thinks it was an ant, but we wouldnt bother with one of those.   We sniffed the trail it left carefully, but we figure it flew away (which is pretty hard to sniff out).
It wasnt a Bad Bug.  We would have tole TBT iffen it was.  Dont tell TBT but it was a Stink Bug...  They get inside here sometimes.  It will fly ta one of the ceiling lights and dry up, so there is no problem.