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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

TV Tuesday

AYLA:  I love watching the TV sometimes.  My favorite is something called "golf" where Beings throw some small white critter WAY up in the air an then watch it bounce along the ground.  I watch that very intently and try ta whap it myself.

Today I got ta watch other cats.  Most times, pictures dont come off the TV very well (an these sure arent like I remember them on the TV itself), but at least ya can see what I was watching.
I loved the pretty spots she had all over her.  But TBT says she is really bigger than she looks here an would probly just eat me iffen I was there.  So Im happy ta just watch these "far-away" pictures from the safety of my own house.
I asked TBT iffen she had a blog but he said he was pretty sure she dint.  Thats too bad...