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Friday, December 20, 2013

I Am Ashamed

TBT here:  I forgot what Skeeter looked like in detail.

I went looking at the first few month's posts of the blog out of curiosity to see how the cats wrote then.  Then I went forward to the months before Skeeter left for the Bridge when I posted many pictures.  I shouldn't have done that.  I discovered I forgot his furcolors.  I was remembering him looking like Marley does now.

I misremembered how fully orange his head was, how broadly white the chest, how small white his paws were.    Do we forget so easily after only 5 years? 

I feel like I have cheated on Skeeter by getting a diffrent-patterned orange/white cat.  Marley is a great cat, one of the best.  It is of course not his fault in any way.  I just forgot how Skeeter looked...

A Wunnerful Awardie

We got this wunnerful an lovely Friends & Followers awardie from the great kitties at J Cats at "Purr-sonally Speaking", and we sure thank them.  Iffen ya havent visited there, ya should.

So we thought about it.  Its been a while since we got an awardie.  So we want to pass it along to our best friends,  Awkward, we have so many great friends.  So we pawed nameses into a bowl and drew 3 out all blindly cuz we just couldnt choose (since they were all great friends).

Congrats to:  

Meezer Tails

No tasks involved.  Just pass it on and mention who gave it to you.  And the great graphic along, MOL!