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Monday, December 23, 2013

Mancat Monday

MARLEY: I had a good afternoon outside yesserday!  The snow an ice was gone, AND TBT was outside with me after the rain stopped.
Now, let me say straight off that THESE arent pictures of today!   These are from last month.  But TBT didnt have the camera outside with him yesserday.  On the other paw, I was at the same places (I like that smallish tree and the furniture) as in these pictures we dint use before so they will do. 
Its a good place ta listen fer mousies.  The dry leafs make noise as they try ta sneak around.  Iffen ya listen good enough, sometimes ya can pounce directly on them from a couple lengths away.

An I KNOW ya really wanna see pictures of ME annyway...
But there were no mousies out today.  So I spied Iza across the yard an decided ta stalk her instead.  For some reason, she doesnt enjoy that as much as I do.
I dont actually pounce her, but it IS fun watching her tail get all puffy!