Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Day Lesson From Santa

TBT Here:  Last night, the Mews had decided to wait up for Santa.  Marley and Ayla decided to wait up on top of the bookcases.
Iza kept moving around trying to decide on the best spot.  I finally went to bed.  I wasn't too surprised when they were all curled up on the bed a couple hours later.  Habits are strong.

I was a bit surprised to see that the bedroom door was closed in the morning.  The Mews were all still asleep.  When I got up and opened the door, they all trotted downstairs for the litter boxes.  While they were gone, I noticed the door to the Catroom was also closed, so I peeked inside.  Aha!  Santa had been here.  I closed the door again.

When they came up, they looked all around anxiously.  Marley glared at Iza saying "You scared him away"!   So, I said well, let's check in here, and opened the Catroom door.

Iza was the first to run in.  She immediately let out a screech, fell over, and covered her head with both paws.  Here's why...
These were in a bag labeled "For Ayla and Marley"...
Iza was dismayed, no new toys for her!  And apparently no treats either.  I pointed to the bookshelf and suggested that maybe they shouldn't have left their bins of toys in plain sight.  And Iza's BIG bin of rattley mousies wasn't even there on the shelf (it was out of sight in the TV room). Mebbe Santa thought they had enough toys.
There was also a scratcher refill with no label, but they all use it.  
Which was a good thing.  The old one was really used up...
They were all happy about the new scratch pad, but Iza was still looking a bit forlorn.  Then I looked at the litter bucket carefully and observed that the top had been removed.  So I opened it.  There was no litter inside.  But there was another gift inside...

And a tiny note that said "FOR IZA (and Marley and Ayla)".  "TOYS", she yelled, giftedly, "for ME!  [pause] ......... aaaand Marley an Ayla"!

Then they all asked me what *I* had gotten them.  So I opened the pantry door and showed them the newly filled cat food shelf.  I lifted them up one at a time to see.
I had just recently discovered that Wellness is available in Minced AND Cubed, Chicken AND Turkey and had bought 1 can of each and they had ADORED all 4.  So in the Chewy delivery a few days ago, I made sure that half of all the cans were those, plus the regular Pate of Wellness Chicken, Wellness Turkey, and Avoderm Chicken.

They were all pretty thrilled for those too!