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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Thankful Thursday

MARLEY and AYLA:  Dear Sandy Claws - We are all very thankful fer the gifts you brought.  Even (specially?) Iza who says she "learned a lesson" about being NICE at Chrissymouse time to you.  Not that she might not try it again NEXT YEAR but you know how SHE is.  And she DID learn enough ta be embarassed right now.  That's at least a start.  Mebbe this esperience will be her Ghostcat of Chrissymouse Past next year.

We thank you for your gifts.  We very much appreciate the treats you brought, and the scratcher refill. an the Big Pink Stocking with all kinda nice things init.   We have been playin with them enthusiastically like kitties should.  Even Iza.  Pink was a great choice this year.

And thank you fer the great new foods.  We know TBT got those fer us in his way, but we are pretty sure you helped.  After all, they showed up Chrissymouse Day!  That HASTA mean you were involved.

So, Thank You.  An dont worry, we are thankin TBT fer the foods too just in case it was mostly him.  We never know.  Whatever, we arent taking any chances.  Those are REALLY good foods an we are very happy ta eat them.

We hope ya had a good trip around the werld an that it wasnt TOO stressful an that ya can get some rest before the next year starts.

Um, does this get us a good start on the 2014 NICE list?  We are just wonderin....   Not that you have ta tell us.  An mebbe even IZA too?  Please?  She's our Sisfur.