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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Easy Like Sunday

We relaxed today too.
But there is somethin weerd goin on.  TBT found a another tick on my neck.  It was dead and shriveled like the last few (3rd this month).  He says I must got crazy-killer bloods.  *I* think that is a good thing.  Well, I sure like that they die on me.  Better than havin them live right?  An we don't put NO stuff on us ta make that happen.

They like Iza just fine.  TBT hasta find them and take them off her with tweezery things.  He finds about one happy one on HER about one a week.  They are a price we pay fer going outside.  An its a good reason ta sit on TBT's lap an let him scritch all through our furs.  But they sure dont like ME!

Oops. We got this one posted early...

Caturday Saturday

MARLEY:  Yeah, the pictures are  bit blurry.  I was MOVIN!!!
I suddenly decided ta go all crazypants on the turbotrack an TBT grabbed the camera.
 But he dint have anny time to adjust the setting. 
So what ya see is what ya get. Meanwhile I was TEARIN that ball around!
I don't plan ta do it again soon...  Once a month is enough.
A mancat can get all worn out on that thing.  An no Nip involved...
It was a rare FRAP.  Well, YOU know...  How fast was I movin?  Well, ya notice below my head there is a ghost paw?  THATS how fast...  Thats not a reflection.  Thats where my paw was fer a splitted second.  Im faster than the camera.
Thats why Iza doesnt bother ME.  I'm WAY too fast.  An after all THAT, I charged off lookin fer food.   An TBT PROVIDED!  I bet I burned up a whole 4 OUNCES an needed ta get them back.