Monday, December 30, 2013

Mancat Monday

MARLEY: Its washin time again on TBT's lap.  Ive started ta really like that lately! 
Its a good place ta relax and get all my furs straight.  
And he just sits there an doesn't bother me while I do it.  
I used ta do it in the bed room, but lately I've liked doing it on his lap.  Its good ta have differnt places.
Hes been settled more in place lately.  I appreciate that.  An he's warm.   I like THAT too.  The house has been a bit cooler lately.

More Mancat Turbotrack

MARLEY:  I was at the turbotrack agin.  But not quite so active.  I INTENDED ta be.  But I was a bit more watchful.
An then I discovered a few mats in my furs...
So I was ready again, but then that new nipsock got my attention...  I LOVE the nipsock.
But the ball wobbleded and I went after it again.  I'm the only kitty HERE who can whap it clean over the hill with one paw!