Tuesday, March 25, 2014


IZA:  We are ALL thoroughly disgusted here cuz IT IS SNOWING AGAIN!!!  And we are south of Washington DC.  TBT told us it WOULDNT do this again.

So Im just gonna sit here by the warm TV...
And nap the day away on my empty DVD box pillow!


  1. We've had flurries here today, and of course we had a storm on Saturday AM. :-/

    Please let April bring those proverbial showers, because even showers would be preferable to s-n-o-w.

  2. Oh, no, snow again ? We're going to tell spring to visit you ! Purrs

  3. Oh no not again! Napping is the only thing to do when the weather is like that.

  4. We're still praying for rain out here!

  5. Oh boy do we understand what you're going through! It's all white outside here too and we thought, hoped, we were done with winter!
    Love your pillow, looks like it works very well. And lookie, toesies! Too cute!

  6. Iza - I think it was established some little while ago, much to your disappointment, that TBT doesn't actually control the weather. He might like to, but he can't. He'd have to be a Very Big Thing (VBT) to do that, and he's still in training.

    In the meantime, I think blocking his view of the TV screen is excellent payback.

    And yes, cute toesies.

    Sydney, Australia

  7. ita a wise decision to just take a nap and relax Iza
    hi to Marley and Ayla too..

    BoBo Salem
    The Meow Meow Family

  8. Yep, we are tired of the cold stuff. It was 72 yesterday and tonight 27. Brrrrr, humbug.

  9. Iza, an excellent plan! We're in for more here too...but of course we're in Minnesota. Even so, it IS March dangit! Enough!

  10. Spring sure has taken a wrong turn. We hope it gets back on track soon!

  11. It snow here too, but we are in the frozen north.

  12. More snow! How terrible!
    Might as well make the best of it.
    Hope you Wednesday is a snuggly one.


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