Saturday, May 17, 2014

Butt-Scootch Day

IZA:  Ayla told me today was National Butt-Scootch Day, so I hadda post a picture.  I wasnt too sure.  But she showed me an email about National Butt Scootch Day and there was even green papers from a African Prince involved, so I guessed it was legit an I had to show it.  Dang!

So here goes:
Is that really me?  
Sniff, sniff, Yup. its mine...

Bast, I DONT LIKE this new holiday! Its embarassin.  Is this REALLY a holiday?  I'm startin thinkin she fooled me again though.  AYLAAAAA!

AYLA:  Ha-Ha, Got ya again!!!   Try livin THAT picture down "Poopy-Butt"...


  1. MOL! Iza, I can't believe you fell for that!

    Hm, maybe I should try that on Binga. I'll make sure she does not see this post!

  2. But Ayla is so CONVINCING! She gets me every time.

    She is almost like TBT, so smart about most things. But she has this mean sneaky streak (unlike TBT). Mebbe I shouldn't whap her at dinnertime so much.

    Apparently, whapping has some payback.

  3. We are rolling around laughing our furs off here.

    But (butt) it looks like someone might need their anal sacs cleaning! We are keeping well away.

  4. How embarrassing.

    Sydney, Australia

  5. Wait, is THAT the "anal sac" stuff I keep reading about? ME? THAT? OMC... I'm humiliated.

    That means a vet visit, doesn't it.

    Spittikins, DON'T READ THIS POST!!! I feel shamed an ungirlcatly...

    TBT here: We have to pause and consider this. Iza is quite beside her self (and given her weight, that is an impressive trick). But I will call the vet and ask about "anal sacs"). This one is actually new to ME too).

  6. MOL...MOL
    Me and mom crack up !

    " anal sacs " is new for my mom too, please let us know what the VET say

    Have a good weekend

  7. I'll draw that line on the holiday Marley!

  8. We have a feeling that is a holiday that may not catch on around the blogosphere!

  9. Yeah, we have one of those here, too. I won't name names but she claims her bum is itchy sometimes.

  10. How embarrassing, MOL ! We crack up ! Purrs

  11. REALLY? We never do that, we only thought woofies did that icky sort of thing.

  12. Sweetheart, time to get your anal glands expressed.

  13. To TBT, yes, she doesn't want to get into a bad fix so she'll need those expressed. Only takes a few minutes and they sure feel better later. BUT usually, it will need to be done again in 4 or 5 months or so. Admiral had to have hers done. Girls cats have to suffer the embarrassment too.

  14. Might inquire about anal glands. However, butt scooching occasionally happens when they have softer-than-usual poop that sticks.

  15. Ha! That was a good one! You got all of us on that one.

  16. Well, dag nab it!
    Scout told me it was "that" day 2 weeks ago! Now I don't know who to believe!

  17. Well, I am only 1 but I have never heard of that holiday either.....

    But my mom hopes that I don't do that. I hope that you are OK, Ayla!

    Purrrrrrrrrrrrrs, Spike William


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