Monday, May 19, 2014

Mancat Monday

Marley here.  TBT is not been feeling too happy about his vet dentist visit comin up in a couple days.  So my our posts might get a bit behind fer a while...

I enjoyed sniffin around the pond fer froggies today.  Well, not "sniffin" ezactly, they dont smell warm.  But they do move an that's what I mean.
Yeah, the pond is lookin kinna limp, and I wouldnt drink anny of THAT water.  But it will improve lots in a couple big moons.  The plants will fix that up.  Its cuz TBT covers it fer a few weeks each Spring ta keep the Peeper-froggies from keepin him awake all night.

But then, it was time ta come inside. TBT was shakin the treat jar to me.  Food  calls.


  1. How fun! I wish we had a pond. There is a spa/jacuzzi in the back here, but it is totally not the same and WAY more boring.

    My human had her dental checkup last week - fortunately it was uneventful.

  2. That looks like so much fun Marley. We are sending purrs to TBT.

  3. A pond sounds like it would have some really good hunting!

  4. We love that pond! And the peeper frogs :-) The treat-jar shake works on us as well!

  5. I'm sending good feelings to TBT about his trip to the dentist. I hope it all goes smoothly for him. And you three need to give him lotsa of hugs and purrs both before and after - okay?

    Sydney, Australia

  6. That pond looks like a fun place to hang out. Maybe you'll see one of those frogs.

    Good luck to TBT!

  7. We love that pond. Now please tell, what's a peeper froggie ? Does it yell 'here I am, eat me `' as that sounds really helpful!

  8. You really do live a very excitin' life, Marley. I has the envious. All we gots outside is ceeeement.

  9. That pond looks like a marvelous place for a kitteh to explore!

    We would love a froggie, but the Mommy keeps telling us no.

    Happy Tuesday!

  10. Ooh, we'd love to have a pond! If the graffiti removal today ruins the shrubbery in the corner of our little garden, maybe we can get the human to put in a water feature. :-D

    Purrs to TBT for his upcoming dental. Our human is shuddering at the thought.

  11. Wow ! That's purrfect pond !! And I love your garden as well..look pawsome for kitties !!! You are so lucky, Marley ! Not every kitties have it. Paws up for TBT. Great works !

    My mom has a lots of episode with dentist last year. It's evil things for her. Because She lost 3 teeths, and have gum problem. She couldn't eat meat for a while and see dentist every 3 months for the rest of her life.

    So you got my purrs heap !!!
    Take care

  12. We have a creek in back with lots of peepers and there's no covering it. After a while you just have to get used to it. We wish the mom would let us catch one though . . .

  13. We hear that those peepers can be pretty annoying. We don't have them in this area.
    You have so many nice things to explore in your nice of TBT to think "now what would the kitties like?" when he does these things for you.


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