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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  First, this is World Cat Domination Day.  WE CELEBRATE IT!  WE RULE!

Second, I was poofed cuz Ayla jumped down from TBT's shoulder RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME and I sure wasnt expecting THAT!

Third, it is Garden Tour Thursday.  And we will do that too.

But I only got one good thing ta show this week.  TBT werked all day (OK an hour) an planted nice zinnias of orange an white.  An they will show up better inna Big Moon.

So we are gonna go straight ta the treats today.  New Ham an Fried eggs, all chopped up.  With Nipshakes an Salmon treats.

Please join me up on the deck.

And thank you fer comin along on this week's Garden Tour!


Brian said...

Those will be pretty when they grow up!

Summer at said...

Yum, you always have the best refreshments on your garden Thursdays!


We think your flower garden is going to be beautiful!

Megan said...

Wow - that tour was short and snappy. Looking forward to seeing this garden bed again in a big moon's time.

Sydney, Australia

Julie said...

Hi, come by and hang out at our new party, hope to see you there:

Pretinha said...

As Zínias vão estar lindas em breve!
Obrigada pelo passeio.

Cara n Crew said...

short tours that leave more time for treats - our favorites :D

The zinnias look nice! thanks for having us over, Iza!

Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

Just Ducky said...

CAn't wait to see the garden stuff after a big moon.

Nipshakes for us please.

Shaggy and Scout said...

Mom planted zinnias in pots but we've had so much rain they drowned.

Does Ayla perch on TBT's shoulders a lot? We'd sure like to see a picture of that sometime.

The Island Cats said...

Yeah! Let's get to those treats. :)

Oui Oui said...

We bet those will be very pretty when they are all grown up! We're always ready for treats here too.

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

Those Zinnias will look very pretty before long.

Samantha & Mom said...

Geez!! All we have is weeds!! Mom does not have a green thumb!