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Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Bad Kitties!

IZA:  With all this deck werk goin on, we havent been talkin about what WE'VE been doin much.  And we've inside a lot.  So I am pleased to report that Marley an Ayla were actually BAD KITTIES this weekend.

Hey, the badder THEY are, the better I look.

Marley tried to stay out too late Friday night.  Like After Dark which is a serious "NO" around here.  TBT hadda go out in the dark and lure him back with shaking the treat jar.  He even had ta pick him up and carry him inside an  said that Marley was trembling.  TBT says Marley was afraid of the different deck stairs an the whole new deck.

MARLEY says he was after Big Game an was upset at having ta come in.

And, the NEXT NIGHT he stayed out all night!  Oh Bast, TBT was upset!  At least he was at the deck door when TBT got up early (really early, barely dawn).

And then?  AYLA stayed out ALL DAY SUNDAY!  She was on the fence an talked to TBT a lot of times, but she kept hoppin off outside the yard and thats a big "NO" too.  I was hopin they would BOTH get in a lotta trubble.  They dint.  Well, some, TBT calls them in more often, and lets them out BEFORE mealtimes, so they are a little more happy to come in fer food. 

Sadly, no pictures today.  Well, TBT cant take a picture of a absent cat, right?

But it all DOES make me look like a GOOD CAT, right?


  1. I would not say they are bad kitties - they are just not-used-to-the-deck-yet kitties!

  2. Oh yea, bad fur sure and we know TBT was not happy!

  3. TBT must have been so worried! Letting them out before mealtimes is a good strategy to motivate them to get indoors for their yummies.

  4. It makes you look like the Goodest Cat ever.

    We has to admit that when we added the porch on to our house it freaked Scylla out big time. It was over a week before she would come up to the house on her own. It was like she thought she was in the wrong yard or something.

  5. TBT must have been very worried when Marley stayed out all night. Before the purrison fence was built, me and Eric used to only go in the garden with mum watching us. Sometimes I would sneak off when her back was turned, and I would go hunting mousies and that would make her panic until she found me.

  6. Oh - I'm concerned to hear these stories, as TBT would have been terribly concerned about Ayla and Marley. It was very good of you to behave, Iza.

    Sydney, Australia

  7. When I still had an indoor-outdoor kitty that happened with every one of them. After that, no one has gone out. Mom said her too olds to keep chasing us. xox

  8. ALL NIGHT? That would have sent our Mommy into an apoplectic fit!

    So, what is this "bad kitty" thing you speak of???

  9. ALL NIGHT?!?!? Biiiiiiiig trouble for SURE!!


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