Thursday, July 24, 2014

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:    Hi an welcome to the Garden Tour.  Fer once, it isn't raining.  I'm back here behind the Coneflowers.
And Marley is joining us back by the small pond.  It a TWO-FER!
You can see more Coneflowers above.  But THE flower ta see this week is the lilies below!   They are SPECTACULAR and they smell great too.  Like perfume.
The Torch plants are opening up, and will get fuller of flowers.
And be careful walkin here!  The blackberries are fruiting, but some stems are on the ground and they have thornies.
The Black Eye Susans above are blooming too.  And THOSE are just the volunteers from past years fallen seeds!

I love the Summer blooms.  They are the showiest.

Now lets get up on the deck in the shade and roll around and have some treats.  Today, there are ONLY treats.  MOL!  TBT decided that this time.  There are crunchy ones and chewy ones, fishy ones and poultry ones, Nippy ones and, well, non-nippy ones.  And we have 2 drinks.  One is clean pond water with nip.  The other is cream and toona juice.  We drink out of the pond all the time, so its OK.

Thank you all fer coming on todays garden tour with me (OK and Marley)...


  1. We think you have a lovely garden and the lilies are such a lovely colour.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. Your garden is gorgeous this time of year!

  3. Your garden is beautiful. I will join Marley by the pond. It looks cool there. It is hot and very humid here and I am melting. We keep getting lots of thunder boomies too.

  4. We always love to visit your pretty garden!

  5. We love the look of your natural garden. It is so beautiful!

  6. Those lilies are spectacular.

    Sydney, Australia

  7. Iza vocês deixaram o jardim mais bonito ainda.
    Eu realmente amei os lírios, a cor maravilhosa!
    Obrigada por nos mostrar seu jardim.

  8. Mowzers, you'e right - those were the flowers to see - such VIVID pink - Allie looooves them!

    Our blackberries are starting to turn, too! YUM, our humans say!

  9. Thanks for the garden tour, Iza (and Marley :))! you have a lot of our favorite flowers in your garden. The lilies are beautiful! we think we can smell them, even :) thanks for the snacks, too!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  10. We love seeing all the pretty flowers in your garden.

  11. Your garden is looking all nice with the flowers.

  12. The cream and toona juice sound yummy! You have such a nice garden with such pretty flowers.

  13. What a gorgeous garden and what gorgeous photos (with gorgeous kitties, too!) ...
    Fabulous post, Mark!

  14. You blend in so nicely behind the coneflowers! Very good stealth!
    The lilys are amazing. Either ours are late to bud or they got too wet in the flooding rains this spring but they don't look good this year.


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