Saturday, August 23, 2014

Rest In Peace, Sparkle!

 We're not sure how ta say this.  We are saddenned tonight, but we are saddenned when anny kitty leaves our world, and we miss them.  Well, all our cat-friends are special.  We love them all.

But some stand out in special ways and we have to recognize that when they leave our world.   Sparkle was one of those cats. 

We unnerstand that Sparkle has left our world.  She says she never believed in "The Rainbow Bridge" and we accept that.  We accept that, cuz we've never been too sure of it ourselfs.  But we guess we'll find out fer ourselfs someday.

What matters to us this day, is that she has gone.  All we can do is remember her when she was here among us.

Today, we want to honor Sparkle.  Her last picture was...

A favrit bed...

A close-up...

Another beautiful close-up of beautiful Sparkle...

We wish peace to Sparkle an her Bein(s).  Its sometimes hard to tell how many are around.

We suspect there is a new star in the sky today...  We may never quite know which one, but we bet there is one out there for her.  How could there NOT be?


  1. This is a beautiful tribute to Sparkle. She did so much for shelter kitties and raising awareness of those desperately needing homes. She will be very much missed.

  2. That was a wonderful tribute to dear, dear Sparkle. We are just heartbroken here but we do know her star will Sparkle in out hearts. forever.

  3. Thanks fur this lovely memorial. We barely knew her, but she sure was special.

  4. Beautiful tribute to Sparkle. We'll miss her too. Purrs


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