Sunday, September 28, 2014

Easy Like Sunday

AYLA:  Im representin us fer the Easy Like Sunday today.  Marley an Iza are outside today already not takin it as Easy as me.  So I gotta do More Easy ta make up.

Im nappin in the doggie bed.  TBT thought it would be Just Right fer 3 kittehs, but so far we have never all 3 been in there.  In fact, not 2 of us.  In fact, only me. 
 Thats OK with ME.  I love this thing.  I choose places ta nap about once a week each.  Huh?  Oh, I mean I find a place ta nap and stick with that spot fer about a week, then find another favrit place for the next week.
And, of course ya gotta get up, stretch and reverse yer nappin positions sometimes.  Iffen ya stay in one spot too long, yer muscles get funny-feelin.
This thing really IS a doggie bed.  Ya can tell by the cloth bone in the cushion.  Since there is no doggie smell on it, I really dont care WHO it is designed fer.  All I care about is that it is THICK and SOFT!

I'll go outside later, but fer now, its EASY time.

Have a great Easy, y'all...


  1. That just looks like a purrfect Easy bed and your Easy is darn pretty!

  2. Ayla, doggie bed is in trend !!!
    Me love it too. Pawsome can spread your body to max. And still get sooo comfy ! Me love it :)

  3. Good easy-ing!

    We both hijack any doggy bed in our den! Then dog-guy has to go find another, MOL!

  4. It looks comfy to me - I think the other two kitties are missing out!

  5. Your Sunday nappin' is just the ticket!

  6. Most excellent Bed! Mes misses having my hairy slobbery sisters beds to laze on. All mes has here is me and Mommy's bed and my snuggle bed with the heating pad in it and the hammock in the window (which Ninja has decided is his and gets mad at mes when he finds mes in it and mes only likes it when the sun is shining in it anyway!)

  7. Great doggie bed hijacking ! Have an easy Sunday ! Purrs

  8. No one's easy-in' over here, but that's prolly cuz we don't have a coolio doggie bed!

  9. Ayla that looks like the perfect spot.

  10. Looks like you can get a good easy in that big bed. Thank you for your purrs.

  11. Well, if you're the only one who uses it Ayla, I don't think you should refer to it as a doggie bed. It's the Ayla Bed. Every other cat can keep out!

    Sydney, Australia

  12. It does look pretty comfy, Ayla...and we're glad you claimed it today to get your easy on.

  13. dog bed, shmog bed :) we don't pay attention to that sort of thing around here either :) your bed looks mighty comfy and you have plenty of room to adjust your muscles, Ayla. enjoy your easy Sunday!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

    pee ess: YoW! all that stinky goodness in your header picture :D pawsome!

  14. We have lots of doggy beds (and no doggies) that we use for ourselves. Mom says you are just like our angel brofur, Skooter. He would pick a spot to nap and stay there for about TWO weeks before moving on for another two weeks. None of us do that. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


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