Thursday, October 23, 2014

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  First, I want to say how amused I was that so many Beins wanted ta kiss my toesies on Tuesday.  Do you know where those toesies have been?  I probaly walk on dead bugs alla time outside and then there is the litterbox...  MOL!

But enough of THAT.

Lets go take a look around the yard.  I warn you, some of it is sad...

The deck Caladiums are starting to suffer from the cool nights.  Very soon, TBT will take them inside and try to save the bulbs. For next year.
The Impatiens are still doing OK.  And we have to admit that we like them better than we thought we would.  Pretty good flowers fer shade.
The Coleus are also stayin nice.  But we think we want more colors next year.  Would Coleus mixed with Impatiens look good?  Mebbe mixed color Coleus would be better.
 Some of the ferns are dyin back...
And the Hostas...
But there are a few ferns what seem ta stay green all year long.  I like those.
An here is pawsatively the LAST butterfly bush flower of the year.  The hummers are gone fer the year, but I really did see one butterfly flitting about yesserday.  It better take off fer the south soon though.
The Autumn Joy Sedums are stayin red.  I hope they last a while.  They are usually the last ta go.
But there still are the Zinnias.  I'm giving them an awardie fer their flowers bein open so long and resisting the coolth.We are thinking all RED next year.  But TBT says it depends on what seeds we already have left over.  Obviously, he's CHEAP.  No sense of PURRFECTION.
An finally, we have one of our numerous Nip plants!  Go ahead an Nom a leaf.  Or roll on it.  We got plenty.

Thanks fer coming along on the Garden Tour this week.

So...  Lets sit on the lawn fer a while and see what Ayla an TBT have arranged fer snacks.  Hmmm, Ham!  Ham cubes, Ham juice with Nip, and some shredded cheeses!  Looks good...


  1. Your garden still has lots to inspect! The hostas look about the same as ours, but gees, your catnip sure looks awesome!

    Purrs and peace.

  2. We think that there is still a lot to see in your garden and we know you still love to check it all out.

  3. Mommy loves coleus, just by itself. But she's different.
    She likes to say she loves coleus any time she can, too.
    It brings back memories of her Dad and his sister and Wisconsin....

  4. Looks like you still have lots of blooms and colors! I laugh about the toesies thing too - my human wouldn't kiss mine in a billion years!

  5. Rolls around in the nip loving every second of it. Thanks pals for letting me do that. M says your garden still looks good. Our's is about done for. My personal preference over Impatients is to use all Impatients - you can mix and match if you wish, but they provide a big splash of color and are long lasting.

  6. Wonderful Garden Tour :)
    Here where Ilive it's not super cool in winter so every buds will survive for the next season ( yeah, we are lucky )
    Have fun while you can, you got wonderful garden :)

  7. Well there is still lots of pretty left!

  8. It's very generous of you to share your catnip, Iza. And I agree that the impatiens looked very good. Well done TBT.

    Sydney, Australia

  9. We were surprised to hear that the bulbs had to come inside for the winter to be saved. Bulbs survive the winter in the ground here. We learned something new!

  10. Most of our yard is deaded from frosty. Mum says she needs to cut it back for the winter.

  11. We got our first frost yesterday, we don't have flowers anymore. You still have loverly flowers in your garden ! Mum always wants to kiss our toesies too MOL ! Purrs

  12. Your garden is far less frost bitten than ours.
    Love seeing the purrdy blooms you have!
    And of course the nip!

  13. We LOVED that garden tour. So many flowers still to inspect. Our flower-lovin' brother Quint would never want to leave! So pretty. Purrs...

  14. I look at dees pics and I sneeze! aahchoooo

  15. Sorry we are late touring your garden the human is very undependable lately. Can you believe we had to turn the air conditioner back on it got so hot and humid here. Mommy found some very colorful Coleus and we enjoyed all it's different colors this year. Something happened to ours though and most of it died.


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