Thursday, November 20, 2014

Not Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  We are a bit late posting today cuz, well, there is no Garden Tour today and we werent sure what ta post about.  All the garden stuff is dead.  The last of the Impatiens died after the last few freezing nights.

But TBT did find somethin fer me ta do.  Ya know I keep looking up at the shoe rack longingly cuz TBT feeds Ayla up there most times an I always figure there is some food up there.  But I cant jump that high.  So TBT decided ta lift me up there ta check fer myself.  He's done that once or twice before.  But this time a found something.  A few dried crumbs.
 I ate them.  But all was not lost!  I found a loose shoe lace ta play with.
 TBT dint mind iffen I bite them a few times, they are pretty sturdy ones.
But when I started ta actally start tryin ta eat one...
He put me back down on the floor again! 


  1. TBT ruined all your fun, Iza. ;)

  2. Well, perhaps each Thursday during winter TBT could put you in an unusual place inside the house and you could give us a 'tour' of it? You've started the series off with this fascinating travelogue of the shoe rack. The linen cupboard next Thursday perhaps?

    Sydney, Australia

  3. Well, at least you got to have a little bit of fun, Iza!

  4. An outCATerous idea Megan. We have Houseplants and they count as gardens too! Well, sort of. They can keep us going until outside times perhaps!

  5. Well, yes Summer, it was actally special ta be up on the high shoe rack where Ayla loves to spend time. But honestly, I wasn't all that comfortable up there whenever I looked down.

    "High" is not my best thing.

  6. I don't think Ayla is going to be happy when she discovers her private dining shoe shelf has been introoded on by a certain other girl cat in the house. She'll be even less pleased when she learns that TBT helped Iza invade her personal space for eating in peace & quiet. Ayla is bound to notice her crumbs are missing & that strange drooley smell on the shoe laces. If Ayla gets mad at you Iza, make sure to mention to her that you never could have gotten up there without TBT's assistance. That way Ayla can spread her mads at both you & TBT and no one cat or human bein gets all her wrath. Maybe TBT could sprinkle some nip on that shelf to cover up your introosive scent & Ayla will never notice you have been snooping in her private place. That might be a good thing.

  7. Wow! A spawsial *high* shelf fur tootsie coverings. Cool!
    Shoestrings are great playthings, until the peeps find you doing the chewy thing...MOL!

    Soon enough there will be holiday decor to investigate. or paw at, MOL!

  8. At least you got a little slice of heaven.

  9. It looks like you found a fun place to play for a while!

  10. At least you had some fun for a while ! Purrs

  11. That was a bonus to find those crumbs up there Iza.


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