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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Chrissymouse Morning, Continued

AYLA:  Actually, I recognized this envelope.  It was a prize from 15 and Meowing that we won almost 2 MONTHS ago and TBT kept setting aside waiting fer the right day.  Dont tell Iza and Marley, they forgot about it.  We'll just say that Sandy Claws knew were it was and set it unner the Tree so TBT wouldnt wait any longer...  Sandy Claws KNEW the right day had arrived.
TBT opened it up.  There were 3 knitted drumsticks (one fer each of us) an a Tree Decoration fer TBT ta use.   The drumsticks are GORJUS, as you can easily see here.
But Iza knows when annything good is available.  I swear on a pile of mousies that iffen TBT drove home with any prezzie with Nip, an it was wrapped in plastic an frozen in a block of ice, IZA would be whappin on the car winshield tryin ta get at it as fast as she could haul her butt down to the garage!  She has a 7th sense about that sort of thing...

So, PHOTOBOMB!  And note there was ALREADY one drumstick missing.  She is faster than the camera or TBT to react.
Here she is checking out the 2nd drumstick.  
And when she whapped THAT one, she was ready for the 3rd.
Seeing only one left, she did a fancy "from behind" whap and sent it off the cat tree.
And then was upset cuz there were none left.  She looked one way...
Then the other...
And finally spotted them!  Talented as she is, she never quite unnerstands that TBT can move stealthily hisself.  Not that he is all that FAST, be he can show you his hands and move stuff with his feet while you are misdirected...   I know WHAT he is doing, but even I can't catch him at it very well myself.  His feet werk differnt than ours do and he is good at distracting us with his hands.
The wishbone decoration is on the tree.  We'll show that next time when we get to eat the food prezzies.  He made US wait, we'll make HIM wait...

And we want to think of Flynn...
 He's not feeling well and he is on our minds.  Send him yer best Purrs... 


  1. Wow - you've gotta be fast to beat Iza, haven't you?

    Sydney, Australia

  2. Those drum sticks sure do look like lots of fun! We are sure purring for dear Flynn.

  3. Iza você é muito esperta e rápida!
    Espero que Flynn fique bem.

  4. Whap! There Minko helped to bring em closer to the original whapper. MOL!
    He's the nip radar machine here...

    Purrs fur Flynn, too!

    Did ya'll get a chance at those drumsticks at all??

  5. What a nice present!
    You will have fun with those drumsticks if you find where Iza whapped them ;) heehee
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  6. Great whapping action to break the drumsticks in before hanging them on the tree.

    We hope Flynn will be okay. It's been a sad day with so many ill or injured and then both Jade and Derby leaving for the bridge.

  7. Wow! Iza is fast with those drumsticks.
    Thank you for your purrs. I am not eating again and may have to go back to the emergency vet in the morning instead of waiting until Monday.

  8. Those drumsticks look like a lot of fun.

  9. You poor kitties had to wait a long time for those- I am so happy that you like them. We are praying for Flynn.

  10. Those drumsticks were made for whapping!

  11. Me has one of those drumsticks! Me has to hide mine from Ninja! They is MOST delishious!
    Yous will LOVE them!

  12. Wow Iza those are some great toys you've got to play with! Are you keeping them all to yourself? MOL

  13. That's some great whapping, Iza! Those drumsticks are so cute! We are glad you guys had a good Christmas. Enjoy!

  14. Those look WAY cool! And that wishbone decoration's a new one on us! Looks like you guys made out GOOD!

  15. Iza-Lambie: Floof up that tum--I am on my way! XOXOXO Yr Spittikins

  16. You can tell TBT that a little brushie would be verreh nice, but then he should move along into another room and find something else to do.

  17. Mom Elen makes the absolute best nippy toys. We have pumpkins and an apple, and we play with them all the time. Enjoy your drumstick goodies. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth & Calista Jo


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