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Monday, January 06, 2014

That Awful Snow...

... is gone now because it warmed up a bit and rained a whole day.  But before it got too old, we wanted ta show ya some pictures.
We DID go out a bit to look at it.
It WASN'T nice.  But at least it wasn't as cold as the first day it arrived.
Ayla says she saw it WAY higher than that one of her first years here.  She said it was higher than her tail held high a couple times.  We laffed at such nonsense.
 I (Marley) looked fer a way out around the stuff, but without much luck.
So I just went back inside.
Um, remember that we laffed when Ayla said it could be MUCH deeper.  Well, TBT dragged up a couple pictures showin she was RIGHT!

It had gotten 28" deep just before I came here!   An he showed us it happened 3 times that winter.  Iza was stunned, and then she thought really hard.  Then she remembered a storm like that and another one where she went out in it.
Oh my Cod, I hope I never see THAT!