Thursday, January 09, 2014

Thankful Thursday

IZA:  I am thankful today for the awardie I received from KATIE! Isnt this just Pawsomely Lovely?

Now, usually, when we get awardies here, they are sent to all of us, of of course that is just fine.  But THIS one was sent JUST TO ME!  I feel so SPECIAL!

On the other hand, it is SHARE the love and SHARE the box.  And given the lesson from Sandy Claws this year, I think I better share it with Ayla an Marley!  I dont wanna take a chance on gettin a tub of litter next Chrissymouse Day.

So, first Im passin this awardie on to Ayla and Marley! They know where we are, so I don't need a linky for them.

An then I decided that something involving "SHARE the love, SHARE the box" ought to involve lots of cats.  So even iffen they already got it (and you all KNOW that *I* am way too busy lazy restful ta do research) I am also sending this awardie along to:

Katnip Lounge
Pikku Punapippuri
The Cory Cat Blog Cats

I am also sending this whole post (an the awardie) to Sandy Claws, but I couldn't find a good link to him