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Monday, January 13, 2014

Missing LC

TBT here:  Dear girl,

I know you were always oriented toward Skeeter for all your life and only came up on my lap after he left us.  You faded from this world slowly after your dearest brofur/friend/protector Skeeter was gone from it.  That laptime was a precious year for me in spite of your sadness.  And you were pretty kind to young Ayla.  You both missed him.

Your last days, you spent eating your meals happily in the sunny spots.
 I had no clue there was any problem...  Your end came so suddenly.

When I heard a crashing sound in the basement one morning, I got up and searched around but I did not find anything wrong.  When I did finally find you later,  it was a terrible shock.  I don't know what caused you to push your way into a cluttered part of the basement. 

I never did learn what caused your sudden trip to the Bridge...  I found you comotose and rushed you to the vet.  He did his best, but you left a few hours later.  The cause didn't really matter, after all.

But that was the end of a long time of my life, with you and Skeeter; 17 years is long even to us Beings.  The old days were gone. 

Remembering you today, LC.  Little Cow, Lucky Cat...  I can't forget the day I found you.  You did NOT want to come home home with me.  The shop owner held you while I loosened your claws from the other side of the cage.  And we stuffed you in a box to get you home...

But it was worth it over the years, wasn't it girlcat?  You loved the house, the yard, and the toys well enough...  But if it wasn't for me, you would never have met Skeeter, the true love of YOUR life (as he was mine as well).

So, remembering you this date...  And missing you too.  Can it be only 4 years now?  It seems so much longer.