Tuesday, January 14, 2014

MY Windersill!

AYLA:  I am guarding my special spot!!!

Marley better leave me alone here!

I love him, but  want my private space...

Mancat Tuesday

MARLEY:  Well this was supposed ta be for Mancat Monday, but it was LC's Bridge Day yesserday and we dint have anny toesie or tummy pictures ready fer today, so here I am.

You may remember that Ayla likes the high windersill in the little water room off the bedroom to sit on an watch outside and eat from cuz neither Iza or I can get up there.  Iza cant jump that high or far, and while I can jump that high, I cant stay up cuz its narrow.

Guess who finally figured out how to land properly up there!

TBT might have been right surprised but AYLA was PISSED!  In fact, ya can see me lookin around the door inta the bedroom where Ayla is yellin at me ta "GET OFF MY WINDERSILL"!!!

I know she liked having a private spot, but mebbe she shouldn't have starting eatin up there (see the little red bowl?).  Cuz if there is uneaten food somewhere Im GONNA get to it eventually.  Plus, I figure iffen 2 cats can get to a spot, it logically isn't "private" annymore. 

I'm not trying ta be mean, but there was food involved...