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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Ayla's Note

AYLA:  As a result of Brian's great suggestion, I had TBT make a note to post next ta MY windersill... 
I hope it werks!!!

An mebbe I better clean my window so I can see out better.  TBT can help wth that.  He has "cleaning stuff".   The camera shows things ya dont normally notice.

Temperature Last Wensday

OK, this wasnt today.  TBT was just getting old pictures loaded from last week from the old camera.  But it DID get real cold then an we MEOWED at him ta post the proof.  Lets just say some claws were involved...

An BTW he got this at the Wall Mart and it werks really good.  It was down ta 5F outside. 

But it got worser! 
An that was DAYTIME!  It actally got down to -5F here in late night.  TBT says we are on a cold slope an all the colds flow down on us when there is no windies ta spread them around.  But the -5 pictures from late night was unreadable.

We did NOT go out that day.  TBT said our tails might snap right off an we werent takin anny chances with THAT!