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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Its the 16th already?

AYLA:  OMC, we got so distracted!  But yeah, it's our Gotcha day...  My 6th and Iza's 5th!

WOO HOO!  Lets have a party!  TBT says he has chick-hen, shrimps, an ham.  We gots toys, Nip, and treats!  Marley says he can get a few mousies in the tub.

We kinna got caught by surprise, thinkin it was only like "the 10th".  Well, we don't have good calendars yet.

But we are READY!!!  We got great boxes and bags, and iffen ya ever wnne ta taste Wellness cubed stuffs, we got LOTS!

There is plenty of space fer THoE down the hall and Queen of the Hill.  An we got the worlds BIGGEST box from the new TV!!!

Lets GO!