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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Not So Easy Sunday!

MARLEY:  Well Poofs to them!  Ayla an Iza ganged up on me.  It was a bed-using thing.  They were both on it an decided they dint want me up there.

Seriously, I hadn't done annything wrong.  I just hopped up on the bed with them.  TBT was stayin up late, so it wasn't like he was favorin annyone. 

Ya won't believe it, but they both told me to get off!  OK, they were sittin close but not like all THAT close.
But when I hopped up there fer a nice Easy Sunday, they both GLARED at me.
I know when to leave girlcats alone.  Even Iffen I don't unnerstand WHY.
They just said "the bed was THEIRS tonight" 

Whatever.  I'm not here ta fight about stuff, ya know?  I sat in the hallway (feeling a bit aggrieved if ya must know).

But then I realized that TBT was in the TV room~  So I went and crawled inna his lap.
I've been liking that a LOT lately.  The Girls are drivin me crazy lately with their weird ways, but I'm allus understanding as best I can.  But TBT is allus a comfy safe spot.

I don't mean I'm not doin my job.  When they get all fussy, I come between them and settle things down all nice like.  But sometimes they dont want me around, ya know?

That's when I go looking fer TBTs lap.