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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Almost A Day Late

MARLEY:  Oh man, it's my GOTCHA DAY today an that's IMPORTANT an we almost missed it!

But TBT is making up fer it. 

He took out the big package of ham an cooked it to safely.  He brought out the BIG container of turkeys and thawed it.  An he thawed out shrimpses just fer all of us!

There is NIP too.  Liquid an Leaf.
 An there is the big TV box an I am guessin we can fit 20 kitties in THERE.  We are kinna stuck inside cuz there is 5" of snow outdoors, so we sure dont wanna go out.  Its NOT gonna be a mousie night.

The new HDTV is gonna show the Cat-sitter DVDs all day, so there are mousies a birdies ta watch while we are stuck inside.

The tunnels AND cube are in the living room, so teleporting will not be a problem.  Coordinates are 0-0-0 our place.

Also, TBT says he is ready ta play wand toys an toss rattley mousies until he falls asleep. (but that should be  good long time).
 An have WE got toys!  Come an choose. We are ready ta go with anny of them!

An he says we can ALL pile on him on the big heated watery bed tonight fer scritchies, so that will be warm an good.

An he says (an I'm not makin this up), we can run up an down stuff wifout him complaining, not even the curtains cuz they are WAY old annyway.

An even better, he says we can eat up ALL the Wellness cans cuz he will just order more from Chewy!  And Barfs are fergiven in advance!!!  He says he will just clean up with Iza's Squeegee and avoid tails carefully..


Answer Your Cats's Questions Day

TBT here, ready and willing (but no so sure about able) to answer The Mews' questions.  I'm hoping they don't get TOO personal...

1.  IZA:  Why don't you feed me as much as I want to eat?

TBT:  Well, first, you will eat until you throw up.  That doesn't do either of us any good.  Food costs ME money and it can't be a lot of fun for YOU to throw up.  And then I have to clean it up.

2.  MARLEY:  Why wont ya let me out after dark?  Thats the best time ta catch mousies!

TBT:  That's also the best time for owls to catch cats.  Remember that nature show where we watched owls catching rabbits?  You are the size of a rabbit.  And as good as your night vision is, an owl's is MUCH better.  I would cry and cry if you vanished some night.

3.  AYLA:  Why do you bring us to the V-E-T ta get stabbed and poked?

TBT:  I want you all to stay healthy and live long happy lives.  The vet stabs you to put tiny things you can't even see into you.  Those fight other tiny things you can't see that want to eat you up inside like a million ticks.

4.  AYLA:  Wait, a millions ticks sounds bad, but how can something so small I cant see it harm me?

TBT:  Well, until about 60 cat generations ago (or 15 Bein generations ago) we Beins dint know about them either.  But when we learned about them, we started helping our anipals too.

5.  ALL:  Why do you let it get really cold and snowy outside sometimes?  We don't like that.

TBT:  I don't cause that.  This may come as a great surprise, but I mostly don't cause what happens outside.  I may cause water to fall on some of the yard sometimes, but when it happens all over, that's not me doing it.  Its the same with the hots and colds, and the snow.  Even *I* don't control those larger things.  I know you all sometimes glare at me when I open the deck door and it's raining or snowing, but really, *I* didn't do that.  I know you are disappointed to realize I don't control EVERYTHING, but its true.

But that's why I arranged to build this wonderful cave we all live in; to protect us all from the things I can't control.  I did it for me first, but then I brought each of you into it to share the most comfortable life I could arrange.  I can't control the rains and snows, but I can protect us all from it pretty well.

6.  MARLEY:  I still wanna discuss this "outside at night thing.  I've got big claws.  I can protect myself.

TBT:  Marley, set your paw up against mine.  See the size difference?  Now imagine that MY fingers were all claws like yours but THAT much bigger.  Who would win? 


TBT:   No Marley.  I doubt that any housecat has ever brought a cat-killed owl or hawk to the deck door (OK, I bet there is a video out there of that .  You are a great natural hunter Marley.  But I could kill you in a dozen ways.  And I don't even have claws.  You have never met anything bigger and more dangerous than you outside, and I sure hope you never will.  But there ARE some out there.   I sure hope you never see an eagle!

7.  IZA:  Well, why don't I get more laptime or mousie-tosses?

TBT:  Well, mostly because you seem to love the kibble tosses better.  But I toss the mousies too.  Just yesterday, I loaded my pockets with rattley-mousies and tossed them over your head in your favorite ways for almost an hour (and it was YOU who wore out first).  But you are right I haven't been doing that as OFTEN as I used to.  I will get better at that.

8.  MARLEY:  And more wand toys for me?  I love wand toys.

TBT:  Yes Marley, more wand toys again.  We will return to having an hour each day of wand toys and tossed rattley mousies.  I'm sorry I let the habit slip.  My bad!

9.  AYLA:  Why do you let Marley and Iza eat my foods?

TBT:  Well, I have to defend myself here, Ayla.  It is YOU who has been retreating from your food.  You used to eat in the kitchen with the others,  Then you wanted your bowl in the hallway even when Marley and Iza wern't going after it.  Then into the bedroom, into the bathroom, and finally onto the windowsill there.

I watch you in the evening when I open the dinner can of food.  You all wrassle then (just dinner) for some reason.  You hold your ground just fine.  You can bunny kick and whap along with them.  So why do you retreat further and further?

OK, I know you are outweighed by Marley and Iza.  They are 11-12 pounds and you are 7.  But that didn't used to cause you any problems.  And you stay in the bedroom most of the day.  I've talked to you about this before recently.  While I have always had a decent reputation as a cat-whisperer, you aren't listening as much anymore since you got the 3rd (and finally successful) spay operation.  Did that remove your confidence in some way.  Was the third operation just too hard?

AYLA:  The 3rd time was just too much.  I felt them each time more than you know.  I need Special Treatment!  And I'm a Princess, you know.  I deserve Special Attention too!  My last question to you:  Can I have that the rest of my life if I need it?

TBT:  Yes Princess Ayla, for as long as you need it...  And may it be forever for all of you.