Saturday, January 25, 2014

Caturday Saturday

MARLEY:    Thursday, TBT shoveled a path clear out on the deck!  An yesserday it was all dry.  He invited us ta come outside.  We we none too sure about going out.
 But Iza finally did.
She even walked on the snow itself a bit.  Here she is starin at her own pawprint.  We dont see those much.
So I hadda go out too.  It was nice ta be OUT again, but there wasn't annywhere ta GO.
We got to go out on the path a few other times durin the day...
I licked some of it, but it was real cold!

Computer Problems

Sorry we havent been postin fer a few days (and not visiting longer).  Things were goin slow so TBT did a cleanup.  We think he managed ta delete some files we need in Firefox.  Cant even open our dashboard.

We've snuck in through Safari, but it doesnt werk too well.  We cant load anny pictures an there isnt even the preview function.  We just hope THIS publishes so you all wont think we have left...

UPDATE:  We're fixed!  After fussin with things on and off fer 2 days, TBT was ready to try deleting Firefox, dowloading it new and then setting up all the bookmarks again (copying the bookmarks html file never HAS werked fer him).  But then he saw this little button in Firefox's Preferences that said "Restart to Update" so he tried it and guess what?  All the bookmarks were there and they even WERKED!!!  So we're back.

A quick new post and then we will start visitin friends...