Sunday, January 26, 2014

Still Snowy Sunday

AYLA:   I finally went outside ta look around.  I immediately spied somethin new on the snow.  Apparently TBT put out a tray of BIRDSEED!
I was pretty sure they werent gonna come while I was standing out there (I should be so lucky), so I decided to get back inside.
Meanwhile, Marley was still struggling to get somewhere without steppin in the snow.  He has pretty good balance (fer a boycat) dont ya think?
So I said "Hey Marley, TBT turned on The Birdie Channel.  Lets go inside an watch".  He was quite ready ta go in annyway.
We sat around watching; waiting fer the show ta start.
It dint take long.  The first one was there in just a couple minnits!  It took TBT a while ta get a picture though.  They kept skooting off everytime he stuck the camera against the glass door.  As ya can see, the tray was nearly empty by the time he finally got a picture.
There was even an evil skwerl there once, but TBT made some skwerlish noises at it and it ran all the way back across the snow to the fence.

So we're havin a pretty good Sunday!