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Monday, January 27, 2014

Birdie Hunting

MARLEY:  The birdies keep comin to the feeder tray.  Its drivin me crazy ta see them so close, but I cant stop watchin them.

So I decided ta try an catch one.  Iza decided ta join me in the attempt.  I was lookin fer a good place ta hide, but iffen ya look real careful, ya can see that Iza found a good place first.

I thought she had a great place, so I copied her.
Iza watched the seed tray an I watched fer them approachin.
A few landed but we were too far away.  So I decided ta try "hidin in plain sight, a lot closer.  "Stop laffin Ayla.  Iffen one just goes straight fer the tray, Im close enough ta grab it!"

So I watched an watched an waited an waited...
It dint werk, so I went back inside an demanded some kibble-treats.  THOSE, I got!