Thursday, February 06, 2014

THAT Time Of Year Again!

MARLEY: Guess where WE all went yesserday! Yeah, the V-E-T...  We knew SOMETHIN was up when TBT picked up Ayla an put her in the baffroom.  SHE was immediately suspicious an bolted fer the door.  TBT only got her by a back leg an it took him several tries ta get the door closed.  She DID draw some blood though.  Iza was easier.  He picked HER up an set her on the counter in the other baffroom.  She hasta plan a jump down, so he just closed the door. 

Me?  I was in my cat tree hut, so I tried ta just hide in there.  Dint werk.  When he stood there, I tried ta walk out, but he got me under the chest and by the scruff (how undignified) an put me in the cat room.

Then he retrieved us one-by-one an stuffed us in the PTUs then into the car.
Here we are in Dr Jeffry's rather spartan waiting room.  We've heard that SOME vets have waiting rooms like living rooms but we've never seen one like THAT!
Then we were in the small room with the Table Of Torture...
Dr Jeffrey has this cool picture of cat-parts on the wall.  TBT would like one, but the company doesn't seem ta exist annymore, and others he found wernt very good.
Annyway, I went first.  The exam started in the usual humiliating way...
Iza had her turn.
And Ayla.
We each got 3 shots (no rabies shots this time).

I weigh a svelte mancatly 13.1 pounds, Iza weighs 12.5 pounds (a lot of HER weight is *ahem* closer to the floor than mine), Ayla is up to 7.5 pounds.  Iza doesnt ezactly have ta go on a diet, but TBT says he is gonna hafta stop her from cleaning out all the food bowls the instant we walk away from ours.

We thought we were done with the V-E-T, but TBT says Ayla an I hafta go back fer teef-cleaning next week.  Well, I dont wanna lose my teef.  Its kinna fun waking up after too.  I see mousies hoppin all around.  Iza says she sees food.  Ayla says she just feels dizzy.

THEN we'll be done fer another year...