Friday, February 28, 2014


AYLA:  I found a new place ta get up high on a few days ago!  I dont know why I never noticed it before.  But there isnt anny space to nap on up on the top.
I spose I could have shoved some stuff off to make room, but I prefer ta play tappy-tap with small stuff.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Waitin For Spring

AYLA: It snowed a couple days ago, but it is mostly melted on the deck.  The ground is still mostly covered.  Not that I leave the deck annyway very often, but it would be nice iffen I COULD!
But it was nice ta sit up on the deck rail where I get a better view of the birdies on the ground around the feeder.
I am SURE gettin tired of all this snow and the cold that comes with it.  Hurry Spring!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Toesie Tuesday

IZA:  I was warmin up my toesies in the sun (not today, its snowin again) when TBT took this.  I managed a Hang-4!
Its a nice friendly-feelin place ta sit; notice the Feliway dispenser behind me.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Mancat Monday

MARLEY: Ive seen Ayla in this dish cleaner thing a few times, so I decided ta see what the Big Deal was.  Its very mancatly ta esplore dangerous places after all! 

I can appreciate the defensive value of the position.  The front area is stacked with Bad Pokey Things, which would slow down ANNY attacker, an yer protected from overhead attacks too.
But there is no good place ta nap.  Its full of tubes an bars an swivel-things.  Plus, of course, there is the danger of getting Very Wet!  I dont think I'll bother with this spot very often...

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Easy Like Sunday

We are sittin up high in our cat trees ta take our Easy today.  Masters of all we survey.
We both watch any movements carefully...
An where's Iza, you ask?  Well she is takin HER Easy today down lower.  She loves the otto-man cuz whenever TBT sits down ta watch anny TV, she is right there ta get on his lap.


AYLA:  BTW, a few kittehs asked about the door I got up on a couple days ago.  The door is right next ta the shoe rack, so I can get from the floor ta the bed ta the shoe rack ta the top of the door.  Marley could get up there too, but he doesnt like heights fer their own sake like I do.  An he says the door top is a bit narrow fer him too.

Saturday, February 22, 2014


IZA:  I have a hangover.  No not too much Nip; too much leg.  Well, thats what TBT says...
Purrsonally, I blame the box!  I looked all around ta examine it.
 Its too small. 
Or the sides are too short.
 But its definitely the box's fault.
Not mine.  No way.  Never my fault...

Friday, February 21, 2014

Highday Friday

AYLA:  I havent been up here in a while.  Its fun ta look down on Iza an pretend I am an eagle about ta swoop down on her (heh-heh-heh).  An its fun ta touch the ceiling while she is watching me, cuz she cant.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thankful Thursday

We are thankful that TBT puts a saucer of birdseed right on the deck when it snows.
We LOVE watchin them eat the seeds so they stay tastey healthy and flutter around.
An look at THIS picture of birdies flyin!  We sure wish WE could fly.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Out On The Glacier

MARLEY:  That little dusting of more snow we got yesserday early morning melted, so we decided ta go out.There still isnt annywhere ta go cuz the old snow is still kinna deep.
 Iza decided there was no point in stayin out on the deck, so she went in.
 *I* decided I was gonna wander around come "heck or high water deep snow".  Ive been stuck mostly inside TOO LONG!  I found a path down.
Wow!  I can walk on the TOP of this snow.  No sinkin in up to my tummy!
I looked around.  Nothing really innerestin came ta mind.
There were no holes in the snow, so it seems like there wont be any mousies.  TBT says they tunnel unner the snow, which is NOT FAIR!   But he says that wild cats LISSEN fer mousies unner the snow, so I'll try that.
 Hmmm, HOW do ya lissen through snow?  I should watch those nature shows carefuler.
Oh well, I'll just wander around fer a while an see what happens.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Top-Of-The-Cabinet Tuesday

AYLA:  Ive been really happy since TBT moved this stereo cabinet near the deck door.  I can be up high AND in the sun at the same time!
Sadly, there is less sun up here then there was just a couple weeks ago.  The sun is a little higher each morning...
I guess it just wont be up here at all pretty soon, so I am enjoyin it as much as I can.
Oh, I'll still be up here a lot, cuz its high.  But it wont be sunny.
Unless I can get TBT ta move it even closer ta the deck door.  Hmmmm...

Monday, February 17, 2014

Mancat Monday

MARLEY: TBT told us today is Presidents Day.  He hadda esplain that Presidents are leaders.  Well *Im* a leader, so Im actin Presidential today.

Like here, where Iza came askin me fer advice ( private matter).  I told her that, as President, I could answer her question, but that she needed ta keep her head lower than mine.  She actally did!
She kinna griped to TBT, but he said that's pretty much how it realy werks.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Easy Like Sunday

AYLA: We are enjoyin some toasty warm sunpuddles. 
 Im lying down cuz I plan on stayin there fer a while.
Marley an Iza are enjoyin the sun too, but mostly waitin ta get outside.
Which is fine with me.  I like ta enjoy my sunpuddles in peace!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Caturday Saturday

IZA:  I'm sitting in the sun coming in the deck door ON a floor vent where the warms come out at 80F this time of year...
I'm happy.  And warm.  An I just had a great breakfast of cubed Wellness Turkey in gravy.  I sure got no complaints.

Well, OK, mebbe a crippled live mousie could wander within easy reach...

Thursday, February 13, 2014


AYLA: With the crummy weather, Marley an Iza havent been outside fer 2 days an theyre getting a bit whappy.  So Ive staying in my fortress today.  [Note:  I had these pictures from a couple days ago when it was sunny, so I just used them.  Its actally a bit darker inside today. ~ Ayla]

First it snowed, then it rained, then it was dropping frozen rain pellets...  Now its snowing again!  We are all thoroughly disgusted by this...

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Washer Wensday

AYLA:  Since Marley an I are back at the V-E-T today havin our teefs cleaned, I thought Id leave ya a picture of me gettin out of the dish washer machine.
I like ta get in there sometimes.  But iffen TBT comes around, I run out fast.  Im allus afraid he is gonna close the door an start it runnin.  Not that he doesnt check inside before he does run it, but ya never know when he might be all distracticated!

UPDATE:  We are back from the V-E-T safe an sound.  No teef had to be removed.  We got extra attention an treats all the rest of the day.  Marley got "chipped".  It took us hours ta get our furs all smoothed down though after all the handling by the Beins.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Food Dance

IZA:  When I did my Sunpuddle Dance Feb 1st, it seemed to get sunnier.  So I decided to do a Food Bowl Dance to see if food would appear in my bowl.

As ya can see, I worked really hard at it!

No food appeared though...
TBT said that was probly cuz I had just emptied it.

I'll have to try again another day.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Sunday, February 09, 2014

Easy Like Sunday

IZA: We had a good time relaxin on TBT after breakfast earlier.  Well, WE call it breakfast cuz its the first meal of the day.  TBT eats at the same time an calls it lunch cuz he eats a sammich and its about Noon.

Marley found TBT sittin down first, so I hadda settle fer the otto-man.
Ayla curled up on TBT's heavy coat.  But she wasnt far from the rest of us, so we'll say we were sort of all together.

Hope ya all had a good Easy today!