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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Out On The Glacier

MARLEY:  That little dusting of more snow we got yesserday early morning melted, so we decided ta go out.There still isnt annywhere ta go cuz the old snow is still kinna deep.
 Iza decided there was no point in stayin out on the deck, so she went in.
 *I* decided I was gonna wander around come "heck or high water deep snow".  Ive been stuck mostly inside TOO LONG!  I found a path down.
Wow!  I can walk on the TOP of this snow.  No sinkin in up to my tummy!
I looked around.  Nothing really innerestin came ta mind.
There were no holes in the snow, so it seems like there wont be any mousies.  TBT says they tunnel unner the snow, which is NOT FAIR!   But he says that wild cats LISSEN fer mousies unner the snow, so I'll try that.
 Hmmm, HOW do ya lissen through snow?  I should watch those nature shows carefuler.
Oh well, I'll just wander around fer a while an see what happens.